Our Focus

Our new Focus

Our Focus

In February 2014, the General Membership voted that the chapter’s new Focus Area would be “Readiness for Elementary School.”

If we want to reduce wasteful spending, improve outcomes for generations, fix our talent pipeline, strengthen our schools and communities, and produce long-term meaningful savings to taxpayers, we have to invest in quality early-learning opportunities for all our children.

Our research has shown a number of community issues that need improvement:

* Lack of prenatal care, infant deaths, low birth weight

* Lack of maternity and paternity leave

* Lack of knowledge about child development and parenting skills

* Awareness about high-quality child care

* Availability of high-quality child care

* Affordability of high-quality child care

* Low wages for child care workers

All of these can be impacted by high-quality parenting and early-learning experience. We know what works, and we have many ideas for making an impact in this focus area.