Volunteer Spotlight – November & January


Jessican Badrov- Membership Development Committee Member, Advisory Future Planning Committee Member

Jessica was nominated for our November Rockstar of the Month.  Jessica has been going above and beyond being placed on the Membership Development Committee and Advisory Future Planning. Jessica is enthusiastically helping plan social events to engage members and build relationships. She has great vision for the future of our League, and is a valued member. Thanks to Jessica for her support of our League!



Mary Shankster- Fund Development Committee Chair

Mary was nominated for our January Rockstar of the Month.  Mary has stepped into the role as Fund Development Chair with a lot of charisma, and has gladly shared her wisdom and knowledge to our League where fundraising is concerned. She has set new yet obtainable goals for JLFW’s fundraising and branding.

Before Christmas, Mary took initiative to reach out to our present and past League members, as well as businesses and people in our community, to invite them to give to the Junior League of Fort Wayne. Not only were the correspondence pieces professional and personal, they were highly effective. Thanks to Mary’s commitment and insight, the fundraising campaign helped us gain new contributions, as well as re-established relationships with sponsors. She has been the leading force to help stretch and better JLFW in the fundraising arena.

Mary is heavily committed to her family and her career, and has shown great commitment to our League by going above and beyond with the giving of her time, know-how, and skills.